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Reunion StoriesReunion Stories

Updated: January 30, 2023 



Updated: January 30, 2023 

Reunion Stories

Finding Hannah

Posted: 11/19/2012
/images/stories.asp?i=20121119140315.2.jpgFinding Hannah -Kellie Walls Sharp If you know me, then you know that I had a baby when I was 17 years old in the middle of what would have been my senior year in high school. I graduated through correspondence courses at the University of more

Face to Face By Valentine's Day

Posted: 2/1/2012
I have 3 sons (Alex, Josh, and Tyler) who were put up for adoption in 1989. Their birth father had custody but was unable to provide for them; he contacted a social worker to put them up for adoption. I had no idea this was going on until the social more

Jimmie and Josh Reunited!

Posted: 1/20/2012
My name is Jimmie, and it seems like I have spent my whole life looking for my little brother! My mother was pregnant with my half-brother Josh in 1983. She was in jail at the time, and getting ready to serve a long sentence. I was raised by my more

Bittersweet End to Mary's Search

Posted: 1/4/2012
Aside from wanting to reunite with my birth mother, father and possible half siblings, I also have health issues that may be genetic. That's why I initiated my search years ago. This is my story. My birth mother's name was Melinda Catelano. Doesn' more

Just Do It

Posted: 12/28/2011
Just Do It I have one older brother and sister. My father divorced my mother when I was two. When I was four, my mother became pregnant (father unknown). She decided to give the child up for adoption. My father helped her with the adoption more

Garrett's Story

Posted: 12/21/2011
My name is Garrett. To the world, I appear to be a very put-together guy. I have a successful, a beautiful wife of 20 years, great home, and two grown kids in college. My family is my pride and joy. But on the inside, I feel like a failure. I couldn' more

Walker, You Are the Father!

Posted: 12/17/2011
Walker, You Are the Father! I never got a chance to meet my daddy because he left before I was born. Whenever I used to ask about him my mama would always say, "Lakeisha, forget about that man. He ain't never done nothin' for you anyway." Except I more

Much to Be Thankful For

Posted: 12/14/2011
My name is Daphne, and I have been trying to find my father. I have never met him and would really like to fill the void in my life of not knowing who he is. Recent I gave birth to my first child, a son, and I desperately want my son to know his more

Better Than Wondering "What If?"

Posted: 12/7/2011
Like many adoptees, I grew up with a great back-story as to why I was adopted. My parents told me my birth mother had a 2-year-old son when she got pregnant with me; we had different fathers. When she was several months into the pregnancy, she got more

My Birth Mother Found Me On Facebook

Posted: 11/30/2011
My husband has a nephew that's about five months younger than him. Not knowing his nephew or if he is okay has left an empty spot in my husband's life. My husband's older sister gave the baby up for adoption. The baby's birth name was Reagan Clark more

Burdens Lifted

Posted: 11/19/2011
My adoptive mother, Clara, turned a blind eye and pretended not to know her husband, Samuel, was having an affair. That is, until he showed up one afternoon with an infant swaddled in a pink blanket and informed her she would be raising the baby as more

39 Nieces and Nephews!

Posted: 11/14/2011
My name is Cathy and I have been searching for my birth family for well over 30 years. I have done much of the legwork myself, and hired more than one so-called professional company to solve the case for me. Nothing panned out until now. I can more

My life is Complete and I'm Finally Whole

Posted: 11/9/2011
I recently came across the email I first wrote to SQA in April of 2009. It says, "Growing up, I was told I was given up for adoption because my birth parents had too many children and could not afford another mouth to feed. My adoption was arranged more

Thank God for Mini-Miracles

Posted: 11/4/2011
No one likes to see a loved one in pain or ill. Well, my husband Chad has been experiencing both for several months now. He's always known he was adopted and though he doesn't often talk about his feelings, I can tell it really bothers him not to more

Jessica Slays Childhood Dragons

Posted: 11/1/2011
When I was little I was afraid of everything, especially the shadows outside the dangerous neighborhood where my siblings and I grew up, the people inside our house that brought drugs, alcohol, and abuse to my bedroom door every night. My oldest more

Full Circle: Hawaiian Reunion

Posted: 10/25/2011
I've always wondered about my birth mother, Jennifer Vue. I want to meet her to let her know I turned out just fine and to say thank you for choosing the adoptive parents you did. I am forever grateful. Here's my story. My birth mom and adoptive more

For My Daughter, With Love

Posted: 10/24/2011
Megan is my beautiful adopted daughter. If I could give any gift, it would be that every time she looked in the mirror she could connect with her birth mother. It would be so wonderful, but it's only possible if I set aside my fears and more

Carlota's Choice

Posted: 10/12/2011
My name is Jose Hernandez. When i was younger I was married a beautiful woman named Yolanda. We lived in Mexico and after many fights and problems, we were divorced in 1978 I moved away and never saw my ex-wife again; though it was rumored she was more

Aunt Helga Saw the Truth Written on My Face

Posted: 10/7/2011
I have been searching for my birth mother for approximately 20 years. I have heard many interesting stories concerning the circumstances surrounding my adoption and would love to learn the truth. Here's the information I have: I was born in New more

I Won the Lottery

Posted: 10/3/2011
My reunion story might sound clich'e, but to me it's like I won the lottery. I was raised with wonderful parents, who told me I was adopted when I turned 18 and graduated high school in 1988. They told me I had a right to know the truth now that I more

Finding Raymond

Posted: 9/28/2011
No one likes to see someone they love in pain or suffering from an illness. When it's a child, it can be especially difficult. Three years ago, my daughter Kathy was diagnosed with some serious medical issues that appear to be hereditary. The more

Psychic Friend tells Donna to Search

Posted: 9/22/2011
Growing up, I always wished I had a sister, but it just wasn't in the cards for me. My parents were the most absolutely wonderful people you could ever meet. My mother passed away in 2005 when I was 37 years old and it was a heart-breaking time for more

Dirty Little Secrets

Posted: 9/18/2011
My whole life, I felt like a dirty little secret. When I was six months old my mother left me and my older brother and sister. She just abandoned us one day and I have grown up without even an image in my mind of what she looks like. I have always more

'Recon' in the Asian Market

Posted: 9/13/2011
Hi, my name is Chan. I am 31 yrs old. I was born in Thailand, and came to the United States with my parents as refugees. My brother, sister, and I were placed in foster care in 1989 when I was 10 years old. I haven't seen my mother since, but I was more

Cher Reunites with 2 Sisters

Posted: 9/10/2011
My name is Cher, I am 59 years old, and I have been trying to find my birth parents for about 25 years. I would like to, if they are still alive and if they would want anything to do with me. My adopted parents have both passed away. I have more

Because She's my Mother

Posted: 9/6/2011
Eva Ramirez is a beautiful name. Sometimes I imagine that she is a gorgeous supermodel, or a vivacious actress, or a scholarly professor. The truth is I have no idea who this woman is, even though she is my mother. I was two years old and my brother more

My Brother the Stranger

Posted: 9/2/2011
My brother was given up for adoption because my mother wanted him to have a more privileged life than the one she could provide for him. When he was born, I was 7, and my brother was 9. We grew up in a 1 bedroom apartment in the projects, on welfare more

I'll Always Love You

Posted: 8/28/2011
I never belonged to my "family". I was the proverbial black sheep. I never belonged anywhere. I have four awesome children, a grandson I adore and a husband who I cherish and though I hate to admit it, I feel lost. I was adopted when I was 6 months more

What's the story? Who's my Mom?

Posted: 8/24/2011
For many years, my husband Paul has been desperate to find his birth parents and little sister. When he was 43 years old, he was going through some paperwork at his parents' house after his father's death and found a suspicious document. When he more

Old Letter reveals Surprising Family Secret

Posted: 8/20/2011
/images/stories.asp?i=20110806084431.2.jpgOne day shortly following my paternal grandmother's death, I was settling her affairs and came across a letter I had never seen before. The letter had a baby picture inside, and was from a woman named Dollie, who wanted to introduce my grandmother more


Posted: 8/16/2011
I am trapped in the nightmare of my childhood. It is a dark cycle of abuse, lies, and deception. We were living in Sioux City, Iowa, and I was five years old in July of 1985. My mother's sister was having a baby, so my mother packed a bag, kissed us more

Better to know the WHOLE truth

Posted: 8/12/2011
My name is Terese and I contacted SQA on behalf of my mother, Kristi. She has spent the greater part of my childhood searching for her biological parents. About 10 years or so back she actually found her birth father and was able to meet him. Last more

What Happened to Chung Cho?

Posted: 8/9/2011
In February of 2010, Jennifer contacted Search Quest America in search of her mother, who she had not seen in 26 years. Rumors had circulated throughout Jennifer's family for years, but Jennifer knew she hadn't been told the whole story. This story more

Three for the Price of One

Posted: 8/5/2011
My name is Jon and I was recently reunited with my father, Alan Michael Hale. I also discovered that I have 2 half-brothers and we are all in the process of getting to know one another. When I was growing up and used to ask about my father, my mom more

Bridezilla Meltdown Leads to Reunion

Posted: 8/2/2011
Personally, I think wedding planning is among the most stressful and emotionally taxing times a woman goes through in her life. Especially when it comes to trying to make sure everyone is happy and that all the details work out just perfectly. If more

Sisters Reunited after 66 Years!

Posted: 7/29/2011
/images/stories.asp?i=20110715115411.2.jpgPictured: Rosetta Ward Anderson (left) and Ann Ward Jenkins. On December 9, younger sister, Rosetta Anderson flew to Boston, MA from Newport News, VA with her son, Kelvin, to see her long lost sister, Ann Jenkins for the first time in 66 years. more

Christmas in July

Posted: 7/26/2011
/images/stories.asp?i=20110715191903.2.jpgI'm 22 years old and I have always felt like a part of my life is missing. One of my earliest memories was when my mom married my stepdad and he adopted me. I grew up calling him Dad, and in my heart he really is my father. But in the back of my more

In 48 Hours!

Posted: 7/22/2011
I am searching for the daughter I was forced to give up at her birth to save my family from humiliation. I was an unwed mother in a very conservative family in 1968 and my parents made it very clear that I didn't have the option of keeping the more

Sisters Overcome Differences With Love

Posted: 7/15/2011
/images/stories.asp?i=20110715092908.2.jpgGrowing up, I always knew I had a sister out there somewhere and I dreamed of meeting her. I had so many questions I wanted answered. I prayed and prayed over the years and was assured that in God's time it would all work out. This is my story. more

Two for the price of one!

Posted: 7/3/2011
My name is Gretchen, and my son Matt is my pride and joy. I am so proud of the man he has become; he is a wonderful father, an accomplished professional, and a wonderful human being all around. About six months ago he took me out to lunch and more

Fate Comes Knocking

Posted: 6/30/2011
My name is Mark. Like many adoptees, I have grown up wondering about my birth family. I was raised in a loving home by wonderful parents who said they understood that I might someday need to seek out my birth parents. But I was born in 1952 and more

One Step at a Time

Posted: 6/27/2011
If your family is anything like mine, you understand that sometimes the truth is retold so many times that it turns into a tall tale. I have heard so many stories about my father growing up, that depending who I talk to, he is painted as either a more

Divine Intervention for Ashley

Posted: 6/25/2011
The first time I ever pretended to be sick so my dad would let me stay home from school was shortly before Mother's day in 1989. I was nine years old and my 4th grade teacher had been talking for weeks about the cool Mother's day craft we were going more

6 New Siblings for Lany, Elizabeth and Sarah

Posted: 6/22/2011
I spent the first 17 days of my life in foster care. Then, I was adopted by a loving family who raised me well, but could never give me what I was searching for: a personal identity. I always knew I was adopted, and I knew that my birth mother had more

A Whole Person For the First Time

Posted: 6/17/2011
Sometimes you just want to hear the 'whole' story, so we are happy to present both sides of Robert's search and reunion. Robert: My name is Robert Simmons in San Antonio, Texas. I just wanted to give a quick update and another big thank you. I more

Darlene's Story and Update

Posted: 6/15/2011
"Both of my adopted parents have been deceased for some time, my mother for 38 years and my father for 11 years now. I have no brothers and sisters. I have a very lonely spot in my heart and I don't know anything about my birth family. I feel more

Call Me Yesterday!

Posted: 6/12/2011
My name is Sharekia and I have a beautiful 19 year old daughter, Syheenah, who has never met her father. We were together 20 years ago, lost contact, and he was never told he has a daughter. We met in the summer of 1990 when I was living in Dallas. more

Michelle's Search for Answers

Posted: 6/8/2011
Tahiti, Hawaii, and France: Michelle's Search for Answers I'll never forget the day, time and place a family member blurted out to me that I was adopted. I was 8 years old. At that very moment, my adopted mother confirmed that neither she nor my more

Mom, You Found Me!

Posted: 6/3/2011
/images/stories.asp?i=20110525163752.2.jpgIn June of 2010, I wrote Search Quest regarding finding a son I had given up for adoption 45 years ago. I had tried different agencies and registries and had even contacting the attorney my father had taken me to "resolve my situation" in those more

Father and Son Reunited

Posted: 6/2/2011
I am looking for my birth father because I have never met him as he left a month before I was born. I am now 37 years old, married with 2 children. My life is good but I feel that there has always been something missing. I feel like there is a whole more

Half-Siblings Reunited

Posted: 6/1/2011
My name is Tracy and I wrote to SQA in March searching for my half-brother, Eric, whom I've never met. My father was married prior to his marriage to my mother and he had a son, but he never told me anything about him. I'm not even certain that dad more

Patience, Ingenuity, and MySpace

Posted: 5/27/2011
Brett and his wife Aubrey contacted SQA in April of 2010. He wrote, "Carolyn is my half-sister. My father Bobby, lost contact with her after he divorced her mother, Anna. My father remarried my mother in 1971 after I was born. My dad says he does more

Reuniting Mike and Ginny

Posted: 5/25/2011
/images/stories.asp?i=20110525104021.2.jpgWhen Mike first contacted SQA in January searching for his birth mother. He was filled with questions and seeking peace of mind. His adoptive parents supported him in his search, and shared all the information they had about his adoption. He knew more

Happy From the Inside Out

Posted: 1/17/2011
/images/stories.asp?i=20110523205904.2.jpg"Extremely rare DNA." That was the explanation I was given for having no "matches" to anyone anywhere on the DNA Genetic matching tests I took. Little did I know that those words would be the beginning of a significant move on my part and a radical more

Bittersweet Ending to Cheryl's Search

Posted: 9/26/2010
When I was born in Ohio, in 1946, my real father was already married. My mother and I left for California; she wanted to start over where no one knew us. My mother remarried and I lived my young life with my mother and a physically, verbally, more

Alice found her Birth Family

Posted: 5/7/2010
/images/stories.asp?i=20110523205608.2.jpgAttached is a picture of my sister Ruby (on the left), my aunt Pam (center) and me. I met them for the very first time on April 24th, 2010. Here is my story: Sunday, March 21, 2010 My Journey in Finding my Birth Family: more

Found My Brother Instead

Posted: 4/24/2010
My name is Dennis. I am 44 years old now and I have never heard from my biological father or his family. I want to know why. The only thing I have ever been told about him or his family is that he gave up his parental rights so he wouldn't have to more

A Whole New Person

Posted: 4/21/2010
My name is Celia and I just have to let you all know that today I am feeling like a whole new person! I am tickled pink because after 28 years I have finally found my son Anthony Chris Mason. This is my story. When I was 19 I got pregnant. My more

"Extended Family" Redefined

Posted: 4/17/2010
My name is Michelle, and my husband John and I have been through a roller-coaster ride over the last few months. For years John has felt a nagging need to contact a woman he dated several years ago. Months after their relationship ended, he learned more

Melva and Darlene's Reunion by Bill Woodward

Posted: 4/14/2010
/images/stories.asp?i=20110523211925.2.jpgForty Seven years ago when my wife Melva and I married, she had 3 young boys the oldest was just five. Melva also told me a story about how she had gotten pregnant at the young age of 15 in Oregon, because what happened next still breaks her heart. more

For Better or Worse

Posted: 4/10/2010
My daughter Amanda is 28 years old. I am searching for her half-brother, Michael Barnes. Amanda was adopted by my husband when she was less than a year old. 3 years ago he passed away and for the first time, I told Amanda that he was not her more

Healing 30 Years of Separation

Posted: 4/7/2010
Hello, my name is Kara Lynn and I want to thank Julie at Search Quest America for helping me find my nephew. I have read through a lot of the stories on here and it seems like everyone is looking for a child or a mother or father. My story is a more

Mother's Last Request

Posted: 4/3/2010
My name is Kayleen and I promised my mom before she died that I would try to find my cousin. My mom looked for years, but she has been gone now 12 years. I want to full fill my mother's wishes but also meet the cousin I have never known. My more

Putting the Pieces Together for Troy

Posted: 3/31/2010
9/1/09--Well I am not sure how to begin. My name is Troy. I have been looking for my dad since I first became aware of him at the age of 14. I don't remember what question I asked or what led to our conversation, but my mom sat me down and explained more

Courage to Ask Questions

Posted: 3/13/2010
My name is Karen and my son Edward is my pride and joy. He is turning 50 this year and for the first time, has expressed an interest in finding his father. I promised him years ago that if he ever decided he wanted to locate him, I would be right by more

More Questions Than Ever

Posted: 3/10/2010
The last 30 days have changed my life. My name is Todd, I live in Washington state, and until recently I had no idea who my birth father was. I'm not the type of person that frequently bemoans my circumstances, but I have to admit that growing up more

The Courage to Keep Hoping

Posted: 3/6/2010
My birth mother was a nun-age, mid 30s woman living in Dallas and working in hospital administration when I was born. She had gone to school in the Midwest to get her master's degree, though she was born in Dublin, Ireland. She had 3 brothers and 2 more

A Grandmother's Love

Posted: 3/3/2010
My mother is 83 years old, and is one of the kindest people I have ever met. She has raised 10 children and now has 27 grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren. Throughout her life, she has loved others unconditionally, supporting every member of her more

You Solved My Mystery

Posted: 2/27/2010
My name is Cindy and I am writing this today to thank Search Quest America for finding my birth father's family and helping me find answers to my questions about where I come from. It's hard to look back and think about the uncertainty and fear I more

My Real Name is Lourdes

Posted: 2/24/2010
All my life I have gone by Lori, but my real name is Lourdes. I started my search this past November after a lot of soul-searching and frustration. I have never met my birth father. I am told that he was 26 years old when I was born in 1967. My more

A True Reunion for Clara

Posted: 2/20/2010
My name is Clara and my reunion story is years in the making. It has been a hard, tearful journey but I am relieved to say that my case has finally been solved. This is my story. One September 1st, 1978 I gave birth to a baby girl in Rupert Idaho. more

A New Chapter Begins for Jason

Posted: 2/17/2010
My name is Michelle and I am writing today to thank Search Quest America for the role you have played in reuniting my fiance Jason with his birth father. So much has happened in the past 2 months that I don't even know where to start! But I will do more

Halmark Valentine's Day

Posted: 2/13/2010
My father has never been in my life. As I have gotten older, I have gotten curious about who he is, what he is like, and where he is. I wonder what kind of man my father is. I would like to find my father so he can see what kind of young lady I have more

What Binds Us Together

Posted: 2/10/2010
My name is Marilyn and I just have to write in today to tell you all what a wonderful experience I have had working with your company. I am so happy with the way things turned out. I was taken well care of from the first time I spoke with Andy on more

In Search of Peace

Posted: 2/6/2010
I would like to know why my mother gave me to a foster family and never came back for me or let them adopt me. I would like to know who my father is. I am 68 years old and have wondered about my past for my entire life. I was 7 years old when my more

Waking Up With a Smile

Posted: 2/3/2010
My name is Michelle and I contacted Search Quest America on December 31st. It was the last day of 2009 and I made myself a commitment that it was the last year I would end without finding my best friend, Christopher Kelly. We grew up together and more

Nicholle's Story

Posted: 1/30/2010
I would like to thank Linda for her first phone call after I made the initial email to your company. I wrote in on a whim and submitted all the info I had gathered over the years talking with my mother Linda about her daughter she put up for more

The Gift of Knowing

Posted: 1/27/2010
I am writing this letter today as a gesture of thanks for the hard work of Susan and Julie, members of the Search Quest America Team. They were key players in the successful resolution to my search for my birth mother. I want to share my story in more

New Pep in His Step

Posted: 1/23/2010
My name is Ranae and I can't say enough about the amazing staff at SQA!! Seriously, they are miracle workers and my only regret in the whole situation is that I didn't call them soon! Let me back up. I was searching for my husband's birth father. He more


Posted: 1/20/2010
When you are adopted, they say you are entitled to receive your non-identifying information. They might as well call it what it is--a NON-identity. I am 54 years old and have grown up my entire life wondering who I am and where I come from. How more

A Simple, Happy Note

Posted: 1/16/2010
Hot off the presses!!! I'm coming out of the adoption closet! In April of this year I began my search for my birth mother and family! Through the state of Connecticut the files are still closed, so I was devastated when I found out my researcher more

Not Every Story Has a Happy Ending

Posted: 1/13/2010
Not every story is meant to have a happy ending. Mine doesn't. The reason I have decided to share is simply because everyone in search of a missing loved one needs to know that the search might turn out like a fairy tale, or maybe like a nightmare. more

You Closed the Whole in Our Hearts

Posted: 1/9/2010
I want to let the world know that my son Jeff and I just spent the most amazing 2 days of our lives together this past weeken! 43 years after giving him up for adoption, I held my son in my arms again and we both wept tears of joy!! Jeff flew from more

Sarrah's Reunion Story

Posted: 1/6/2010
/images/stories.asp?i=20110523203947.2.jpgMy name is Sarrah Edwards and I live in Virginia. I am merely 19, almost 20, years old, but I knew I wanted to meet my birthmother; connect with her since I was little. I wanted to know her. I wanted to know her name, her personality to know her as more

You Lead, I'll Follow

Posted: 1/2/2010
I started this search to help my cousin Suzanne Holcomb find her birth parents/family. She had no idea that I initiated the search for her, or that I knew how much it meant to her. Her birth name is Carlene Ann Henry, she was adopted by William and more

Divine Comedy

Posted: 12/30/2009
Hello all!!! December 7, 2009 is now "New Mother's Day" for me. I just wanted to give you an update on what's transpired since then. Yesterday, I packed 2 UPS boxes to go to my birth mother in Florida. One box has all my photo albums I want to more

Peace Instead of Nightmares

Posted: 12/26/2009
My sister and I were taken away from my mom back in 1992. We lived in foster care for a few years. Finally, in 1997 we got adopted by my foster Parents Elizabeth and Felipe. In my mind, they are my parents and I am grateful for everything they did more

Thank Heaven for Second Chances

Posted: 12/23/2009
I am an adoptee and also a birth mother. I have known I was adopted all of my life, and when I had an unplanned pregnancy as a young adult, it felt right to give the baby up for adoption. My experience gave me perspective and clarity and helped me more

Christmas Wishes

Posted: 12/19/2009
When my daughter was a little girl, Christmas was always her favorite holiday. It tried to make it special by baking Christmas cookies, reading stories about the importance of giving and building traditions around Santa Clause and reindeer. Every more

I Look Like a Man I Have Never Met

Posted: 12/16/2009
All my life I have wondered about my bioligical father. I know that I was born in Volusia, Florida and in talking with my mother lately I have learned that my biological father lives in Georgia. I only know what my mother has told me about what more

Race Against Time

Posted: 12/12/2009
My husband is Louis Fry Jr. He is really sick. He has a mass in his brain. It has been going on for four years and the doctors cannot tell us what the mass is. He has had three biopsies and a craniotomy and still no diagnosis. Louis lost his short more

I Made the Right Choice

Posted: 12/9/2009
I have raised 4 strong, intelligent sons. From time to time as I catch a grin for some goal reached or see them scowl when I ask them to do their chores, I wonder about their half-brother, whom I gave up for adoption when I was only 16 years old. I more

He Accepted Me For Who I Am

Posted: 12/5/2009
I am writing to you to ask for your help to find my biological father that I only knew existed when I was 26. I grew up thinking that the man who raised me was my father, and I found out the truth a few days after he passed away from a sudden heart more

My Painter is My Half-Brother

Posted: 12/2/2009
I was adopted at birth so I never knew my biological family. My adopted mother was always open with me as far as being adopted since I was about 7 or 8 years old. Since then I have thought to myself that I would like to know who my mother is and more

She Had the Answer All Along

Posted: 11/28/2009
My name is Linda and I am writing today for all the individuals out there whose searches are long and difficult, like ours. They dont always end the way we want them to, but they take us on a journey of self-discovery and we learn about ourselves in more

Filling the Family Tree

Posted: 11/25/2009
When I was in 4th grade, I had a history teacher that inspired me. He told our class that we were all historians in the process of making our own personal history. He made us write a report about our family backgrounds, complete with a family tree more

Before It's Too Late

Posted: 11/21/2009
My mother passed away on December 20, 2007. She was very elderly and her passing was expected, even welcomed. One thing I never expected was to receive a letter from her attorney at the reading of her will. "Marsha, I love you. If you are reading more

Always Moving Forward

Posted: 11/18/2009
My name is Hilary. I have a brother Cornelious who is a single father of 3 boys, Cornelious who is 8 and twins Alex and Axel who are 7. Their mother left the family when the boys were 1 and 2 years old. We have not heard anything from her in all more

No Empty Chairs

Posted: 11/14/2009
I am 75 years old and in search of my youngest son, John. My wife and I have decided that it is time to put our papers and will in order before something happens to one or both of us, and in order to do so we need to find our son. Betty and I have more

The Courage to Take the Next Step

Posted: 11/11/2009
My parents divorced when I was in 8th grade and at that time my mom revealed that my dad wasn't my blood father. I felt a blow to my identity. I'm interested in looking at the person who is half my blood. I don't want him to know I'm looking for more

My Life Was a Lie

Posted: 11/7/2009
After thirty-eight years, I learned that the person I believed to be my father was not. That was in 2003. My mother was not very cooperative in providing any information for over two years. Then, in 2005, surprisingly she gave me the name of a more

Our Family is Now Whole

Posted: 11/4/2009
My name is Kathryn, and one of the deepest regrets of my life is losing my grandson Mark when he was only 2 years old. He was my pride and joy until his mother and father had a falling out and she moved out of the state and took him away from our more

Forgiveness and Second Chances

Posted: 10/31/2009
My mother used to say that a family is the most important thing in life, and the most delicate. She used to use all kinds of analogies, comparing the family to breakable things like glass or eggs or dishes. One thing she never talked about was how more

Don't Wait Another Moment!

Posted: 10/28/2009
My mother and father were in the Army when they met about 48 years ago. My mother got pregnant with me and moved back to North Carolina. She never saw my father again. I have never met him and would like to know who he is. My mother's name was more

You Changed My Life!

Posted: 10/24/2009
"I have always wondered who my biological parents are. My name is Casey and this is a huge piece of my life that has yet to be answered. It's hard growing up and not looking like anyone else in your family. I would love to be around people that look more

I Kept My Promise

Posted: 10/21/2009
In 1991 I found myself in a position I never expected to be in--caught between staying with the man I loved and protecting my unborn child. I loved Mylo, or thought I did, but I knew that his lifestyle would eventually prove hazardous to not only more

I Want to Know My Mother

Posted: 10/17/2009
I have never known anything about my mother, except what I was told by other people. I want to see who she really is, what she looks like, and I want to ask her some mother and daughter questions for myself. The decision to search for my mother is a more

Hearts Open Wide

Posted: 10/14/2009
"We want to find our daughter's birth parents for her. Ever since she had a baby of her own, Amanda has ached to find her birth parents. She is about to graduate high school, and we want to surprise her by finding her birth parents. This would more

No Guarantees, Just Second Chances

Posted: 10/10/2009
My son Joseph was 5 years old the last time I saw him. His mother and I had a falling out and she took him away from me. I never saw him again! As the years have passed I tried to look for him and have worried what his life has been like growing up more

My Baby Saved My Life, and I Saved Hers

Posted: 10/7/2009
My baby saved my life, and I saved hers. I was only 17 when I got pregnant. I lived in Evanston, Illinois and after my relationship with the her father ended, I found myself uneducated, penniless, and ashamed. Like every woman in my shoes, I had an more

Burying the Hatchet

Posted: 10/3/2009
"We are trying to help my terminally ill uncle find his estranged daughter. He is bedridden and not expected to live much longer. Years ago he lost contacted with his daughter, and though time is short to make amends, his dying wish is to see her more

31 Years in a Black Hole

Posted: 9/30/2009
"I am the Aunt of the a child I have never met. My sister has requested my help in assisting to find her the son she gave up when she was only 15 years old. That was 31 years ago. She has suffered many hardships over the past 31 years, including low more

Siblings Reunited--A Lifelong Dream

Posted: 9/26/2009
"I am looking for Diana Mary Ortiz, who is my birth sister. I have not seen her for 24 years. In 1986, she was taken away from our family and given to an adoptive parent. She was only 1 year old. I am looking for Diana now because my mother passed more

Words Are Not Enough

Posted: 9/23/2009
My son's birthday is April 15th and I have celebrated and mourned that day for the last 48 years. I held my child in my arms only once, and have imagined him growing up over the years, even without knowing his name. Can you imagine celebrating the more

Mis hijas! Mis hijas!

Posted: 9/19/2009
My father's name is Louis Raul Cabrea Castro. He is about 49 years old today and I was only 2 years old the last time I saw him. My sister and I were born in Puerto Rico and later moved to New York. No one in my family can tell me what happened more

Witness Protection Program vs. Julie Jones

Posted: 9/16/2009
"I am searching for my biological father, whom I have never met. His name is Alvin and he moved away when I was born. I recently found a sibling who has not seen him or his family for over 35 years. She and I have become very close over the past 9 more

Stories From Another Era

Posted: 9/12/2009
At birth I was given up for adoption. At 13 months old I was placed with my adoptive family. A very good life was given to me with lots of love and opportunities. My adoptive mother passed away from cancer when I was 19. My adoptive brother died more

I Always Wanted a Sister

Posted: 9/9/2009
My father's past life was kept a secret from me and my siblings until we were "old enough" to understand. Dad was married and had a family before he met my mom and I might never have found out if I hadn't found an old picture of them while going more

I Want to Know Why

Posted: 9/5/2009
"I have never known my father. He and my mother divorced when I was 6 months old. My mother has indicated that he was abusive. I spoke with his mother about 15 years ago, but can no longer find her. I have been told I have a 1/2 sister, but have more

Hope and Forgiveness

Posted: 9/2/2009
My mother and father divorced when I was one and I have no memory of him at all. I know that there are two sides to every story and I don't want to go on any further in life thinking that my father didn't want anything to do with me. That fear has more

New Beginnings

Posted: 8/30/2009
"The last time I saw my father I was three years old. From the stories I heard he wanted to be involved in my life and was not given the chance. My birth mother gave me up for adoption to family friends to keep in touch with me. When my father was more

An Awful Lot of Love

Posted: 8/26/2009
I really do not want to make these people uncomfortable. Due to the circumstances of my birth, they may not even know that I exist. We have the same birth mother (Anna Borey), but their father, Charles Noble, who is my father of record, is not my more

The Best Birthday Present Ever

Posted: 8/22/2009
My husband did not know he was adopted at birth by the man he knows as his dad until he was 18. My husband turned 40 on August 6th. I am searching for my husband's biological father. What a great birthday present this would be!! He does not know my more

DNA Confirms it--We're Sisters

Posted: 8/19/2009
Who do I look like? What is my family history? Who is my father and do I have siblings? I have always wanted to know who I am. I have looked for the answers to these questions ever since I found out I was adopted. As a teenager I found a copy of my more

Hope--That's The Perfect Name for You

Posted: 8/15/2009
I don't know how any woman could put a child up for adoption. But I recognize that until you've been there, you can't judge. I am looking for my birth mother not because I'm angry with her, but because my entire life I have dreamed of showing her more

A Little Piece of Happiness

Posted: 8/8/2009
The vast majority of individuals in search for lost loved ones are adoptees and birth parents. Yet occasionally we hear from the other member of the adoption triad--the adoptive parent. Nancy contacted Search Quest America in July with the more

Time Keeps Marching On

Posted: 8/5/2009
"I found out when I was 16 that my Dad had been married and divorced before he married my mother, and that I had a half-brother 8 years older than I. (I believe his birth name was Dave and he was born near Missoula, Montana). At that time, I also more

Dreams Are For Real

Posted: 8/1/2009
I had an affair with Leah Howard when I was on medical hold in the Marine Corps stationed at Alameda Naval station 27 years ago. My daughter was born at Oaknoll Naval Hospital in Alameada, California. After her mother and I stopped seeing each other, more

50 Years of Wondering

Posted: 7/29/2009
I have never seen or met my birth mother. This information has been withheld from me since birth and is a constant void in my life. I grew up in a very strict household and though I was grateful to my parents for the life they had given me, I was more

What Made Me Search?

Posted: 7/25/2009
What made me decide to search for my birth family? I could write a dissertation on this subject as I have done for the last 20 years in my mind. What it all boils down to is a question of "Where did I come from?" Also there are some medical issues more

Cindy's Story

Posted: 7/22/2009
I was put up for adoption when I was 4 days old. My adoptive family was very religious, and I was raised with a brother who was also adopted. My parents were in their late forties when I was born. I had a good life and am grateful to my parents for more

Still Waiting

Posted: 7/18/2009
"I'm looking for my daughter's father. He left for Germany on Jan. 19, 1979. I was pregnant with his daughter but neither of us knew it at the time. I waited 5 yrs for him to come back but he never did. He made a career out of the Army. It has now more

The Greatest Gift

Posted: 7/15/2009
"I sent my son a birthday card for the first time this week. In the card I wrote, 'I have cried every year on this day for 45 years. This year I'm crying tears of joy. Thank you for the privilege of knowing you.' Today I also want to thank Search more

For Me It Brings Closure

Posted: 7/11/2009
One day when I was six years old, I ran to my neighbor's house crying about my mother. I didn't feel like she loved me as much as my older brother, and I could not understand what I had done wrong. That's when my neighbor dropped a bomb, saying "You more

It Has Been a Long, Lonely Road Without You

Posted: 7/8/2009
I am 46 years old, but all my life I have felt like a little girl lost in a wheat field, with the stalks so high you can't find your way out of it. I was 16 when I found out that my step father is not my biological father. It explained so many more

Text Message Reunites Siblings

Posted: 7/4/2009
"I had no idea I was adopted until my mom and dad passed away in an accident twelve years ago. I was shocked to say the least, and in the midst of my sorrow at their passing I found hope in the prospect of finding my biological family. I have been more

They're not strangers...they're friends

Posted: 7/1/2009
I always wondered what my birth parents looked like. I was adopted when I was four months old and grew up as only child. I always knew my parents loved me and they were open about my adoption. They always told me that when I grew up, I could find more

Everyone's, not everyone

Posted: 6/27/2009
I have been searching for my birth mother for a number of years now. Until recently, I kept hitting brick walls. My siblings and I were dropped off at McLaren Juvenile Hall in California by our mother shortly after our father passed away. I was more

Part of My Past, Part of My Future

Posted: 6/24/2009
My birth parents Maria and Jewell lived together in Germany in the early fifties while he was in the service. When the time came for him to return to the United States, she stayed in Germany and they never met again. I was born a few months later more

I'm Just So Grateful That I Found Her

Posted: 6/20/2009
"Both of my adopted parents have been deceased for some time, my mother for 38 years and my father for 11 years now. I have no brothers and sisters. I have a very lonely spot in my heart because I don't know anything about my birth family. I feel more

Loving you...

Posted: 6/17/2009
/images/stories.asp?i=20110523194007.2.jpgMy story begins with tragedy. Seven years ago I married the love of my life, Wayne. He dreamed of finding his birth father Ted, who left his mother when he found out she was pregnant. Sometimes in the quiet hours when we were alone he would wonder more

Secrets, Lies, and Love

Posted: 6/13/2009
I was raised in a biracial family. My adoptive mother was Portuguese, and my adoptive father was white. My mom was 42 when she adopted me, and all she knew about my background was that my birth mother was raped by a black man and she decided to give more

I Love You Dad, and I Forgive You

Posted: 6/10/2009
When my fiance and I met 6 years ago, our first deep conversation was about our parents. Jay opened up to me and told me something he never told anyone--that he still has a gaping hole in his heart and aches to know his father, who abandoned the more

Walmart Reunion

Posted: 6/6/2009
The first shock I received when I spoke with my brother Richard for the first time was his voice--it is almost identical to my own. I am 57 years old and until a few weeks ago, I thought I was an only child. This is my story. My parents told me I more

All I Want For Christmas Is My Mom

Posted: 6/3/2009
"All I want for Christmas is to find my mom," I told my husband last December. My whole life I have wondered why she gave me up for adoption and if I have any brothers and sisters. My husband was supportive, but skeptical. He didn't want to trust more

Take It Day By Day

Posted: 5/30/2009
"Now that I have a family of my own, I am more curious than ever before about my birth family. It is important to me to know if there are any medical skeletons in the family closet, and of course I am curious to know if I look like anyone. All I more

I Think I'm Your Birth Mother

Posted: 5/27/2009
Charles was my first love. We dated during college but he had another girlfriend out of state. When he found out I was pregnant he didn't want to get married. I was only 19 and my mother offered to raise the baby, but she had 7 children already and more

A Shot in the Dark

Posted: 5/23/2009
When I first contacted Search Quest America, I thought my search was a shot in the dark. I hoped that they would find my birth mother, but I expected the worst. I told myself the case would be open for six months and then I would get a phone call more

Better to Know Than to Always Wonder

Posted: 5/20/2009
I first decided to look for my brother in the most unlikely place--while serving jury duty in a California courtroom. I served as an alternate juror for six months on a high-profile murder case. The defense's main argument was that the woman was not more

Rhett's Surprise Phone Call

Posted: 5/16/2009
"My name is Sandra and I am writing to you for my sister. Here is her story: "My sister and I were abused as children. When she was 13, Rebecca became pregnant as a result of the abuse and she was moved to my grandparents' house to live during her more

It's Never Too Late to Find Answers

Posted: 5/13/2009
It never bothered me to know that I was adopted. My parents explained at an early age that they loved me so much they chose me. I didn't really start to think about what a great sacrifice my birth mother had made until I had my own children. On the more

SQA Finds the Missing Pieces for Bill

Posted: 5/9/2009
I was adopted at birth, and my wife Lisa and I have searched for my birth family for the last ten years. We want to know my medical history so we can pass the information on to my daughters. My adoptive parents were older and are both dead now. I more

Tamekia's Birthday Wish Comes True

Posted: 5/6/2009
/images/stories.asp?i=20110523193145.2.jpgOn May 16th of this year, I will be turning 29. All I wanted for my birthday was to meet the woman who gave birth to me. I was five the last time I saw her. She was a drug addict and my sister and I were taken away by social services. I was the more

Long Lost Mother

Posted: 5/3/2009
My mother called me this morning for the first time. "Hey baby, I'm your long lost mother!" she said. I really didn't know what to say. She did most of the talking. She opened up like a fire hose--telling me everything I ever wanted to know all at more

Liz Seeks New Beginning

Posted: 4/29/2009
I grew up as a normal happy child until I found out I was adopted at age 11. It was like my world turned upside down overnight. My adopted parents informed me that I have an older brother and sister who stayed with my birth mother. It was a more

Flowers and Forgiveness

Posted: 4/25/2009
/images/stories.asp?i=20110523192648.2.jpgThings are not always what they seem. With help from Search Quest America, I was able to find my mother and meet her for the first time in almost 50 years. This helped bring closure to a situation that I have been dealing with all my life. I hope more

And Now There Are Six

Posted: 4/22/2009
/images/stories.asp?i=20110523185859.2.jpgIn the summer of 1973, Angela met a man named Rodney in Florida. After a brief romance, she conceived a son, whom she has loved and cherished ever since. But as he grew older, Eric wondered about his father. Angela told him stories about the more

Answers for Allison

Posted: 4/18/2009
Like most birth mothers, Kathleen gave her daughter up for adoption out of love. "I was 16 years old when I got pregnant. I lived in an abusive, alcoholic environment and did not want to raise a child in that environment. I have been searching for more

Special Delivery Leads to Reunion 47 Years Later

Posted: 4/15/2009
"I got out of the Navy December 14th, 1962 and just one week later I turned 21. My wife Nancy was pregnant with Charles Jr., our first child who was born December 23rd. We rented an apartment in Pennsylvania. I took the first job that was offered more

Steven's Wish Granted

Posted: 4/11/2009
"I got divorced in 1979 and my ex-wife absconded with our son to another state during the divorce. It has been 30 years since I last saw him. A few months ago I was diagnosed with Cancer. I felt no pain or symptoms; it was during a routine blood more

Reunited: From Hawaii to Minnesota

Posted: 4/8/2009
"My brother and I were separated when we were about one or two years old. I went to live with my father's sister Catherine and my brother went to live with my father's other sister Mary. I have always wanted to find my mother but have never been more

I Have Waited a Lifetime

Posted: 4/4/2009
"My whole life I have lived with the image of my dad through an old photograph. "I'm forty now and an adult, but throughout the years I have imagined so many scenarios about who he is, and what kind of man he has become. Deep inside I know nothing more

Prepare for the Worst, Hope for the Best

Posted: 4/1/2009
"Prepare for the worst and hope for the best." That's Debbie's philosophy for life in general, and she approached her search for her birth family with the same attitude. "I was adopted at 2 days old. My adoptive parents were always very open with more

Answers Heal Debra's Heart

Posted: 3/28/2009
/images/stories.asp?i=20110523134327.2.jpg"Over 30 years ago my brother and I were given up for adoption because my mother was unfit to take care of us. I already found my brother John, but I need to know the rest of the story." A few months ago, all Debra knew about her birth mother was more

It's a Girl!!

Posted: 3/25/2009
/images/stories.asp?i=20110523134217.2.jpgAs a young adult, Melody was determined to find her birth mother. Melody was adopted as an infant, and her birth mother worked with her adoptive parents. She was a high school student in Tampa, Florida and her parents remembered she had blond hair more

Lanette's Dream Comes True

Posted: 3/21/2009
"Please help me, I am running out of options." That's all Lanette wrote in her first email to Search Quest America. She has been searching for her mother Cynthia for as long as she can remember. She grew up in a difficult household. Her father was more

One Day at a Time

Posted: 3/18/2009
Margaret's son Paul is 48 years old now, but she still remembers the day he was born and how hard it was to give him up for adoption. She was 20 years old and unmarried, and felt that she owed him a stable home environment with a mother and father. more

Molly's Mystery Solved

Posted: 3/14/2009
/images/stories.asp?i=20110523133844.2.jpgLike many adoptees, Molly had a good upbringing, but always wondered about her biological family. She wondered what the circumstances were behind her adoption, wondered if her birth family was still alive or if she had any siblings. She would pass more

I Must Be Dreaming

Posted: 3/11/2009
/images/stories.asp?i=20110523133550.2.jpgIn 1971, Bill and Norma met and fell in love. They had a beautiful baby girl named Kathie and planned to get married after Bill finished Navy boot camp in 1972. Then, Bill's story began to unravel, and he lost contact with Norma and Kathie. For 37 more

In Her Own Words: Alora's Story

Posted: 3/7/2009
/images/stories.asp?i=20110523133053.2.jpgAlora first contacted Search Quest America on October 7th. She spoke with her siblings for the first time October 11th. This is her story: "I was born in the summer of 1963. Ever since I can remember, I knew I was adopted. I really felt very more

Connie's Lifetime Search Solved in 2 Hours

Posted: 3/4/2009
Connie never knew she had half-siblings. Her father passed away when she was very young, and one day she received a letter from the social security administration explaining that her father's benefits would be divided 4 ways. She thought they had more

Siblings Reunited Within 7 Days

Posted: 2/28/2009
/images/stories.asp?i=20110523132846.2.jpgGeorge wasn't really sure it was possible to find his birth father. He had never met him and had very little information. In fact, all he knew was his name, Ottis Etherly, and that he was probably born in the 1920s. After speaking with the staff at more

Dawn Finds the Missing Pieces

Posted: 2/25/2009
/images/stories.asp?i=20110523132741.2.jpgWhen Dawn's adoptive father passed away unexpectedly at the age of 58, she started to think about the fragility of life. She began to wonder about the woman who had put her up for adoption in 1969, and decided to search for her. At the very least, more

Kerri Becomes Part of the Family

Posted: 2/21/2009
When Kerri decided to search for her birth family, she had no idea she would talk with them just 3 days later. Like many adoptees she has been asking questions about her birth family for over 30 years. Who does she look like? Whose nose does she more

The rest of the story: Flemming and Britta

Posted: 2/12/2009
/images/stories.asp?i=20110523132425.2.jpgAs people grow older, we recognize that sometimes seemingly random events happen for a reason, and even if we don't understand why we're being compelled to follow a particular course of action, it does appear as if fate or a higher power guides us more

Your Daughter Needs You

Posted: 2/5/2009
/images/stories.asp?i=20110523130931.2.jpgI've been an investigator for several years, but one of the 'first' cases I ever accepted remains to this day, as one of the most eerie and unusual reunions that I've ever been privileged to be a part of. Let me share the story with you, and I'm more

Brook's Story: Thanksgiving Miracle

Posted: 1/29/2009
/images/stories.asp?i=20110523130806.2.jpgThe following story is written in Brook's own words: I always knew I was adopted. My parents told me from the beginning. They made me feel special because they said "of all the children in the world, we picked you". There was open conversation, and more

Recipe Leads to Reunion

Posted: 1/22/2009
/images/stories.asp?i=20110523130644.2.jpgA shopping trip to an Allendale, PA Walmart Super Center changed Nancy's life and answered life long questions for the Shermans Dale, PA woman. While her husband Paul was out of town on a fishing trip to Canada, Nancy decided to go visit friends in more

Robert Reunited With Sister Living 20 Minutes Away

Posted: 1/16/2009
/images/stories.asp?i=20110523130551.2.gifThe following story was written in Bob's own words: I'm not sure where to start. For years I have made unsuccessful attempts to locate my birth mother and/or any siblings. I had always been told by my adoptive mother that my birth mother was named more
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